Solana Analysis

NFT collections made to give a normal person an opportunity in the Solana NFT world!

Our Collections

Whitelist Pass

The Solana Analysis whitelist pass will make you eligible for 2–5 whitelist spots every week. This will save you an enormous amount of time. The whitelist spots will vary from new and upcoming projects with good potential to premium projects with fewer spots. All the collections we give whitelist spots for will be back checked by us first to make sure this could be a great investment! Thus, we cannot guarantee any results from the whitelist spots, nor are they subject to any financial advice.

    Analytics Pass

    The Analytics Pass will give every holder a pdf consisting of a five-page market analysis every week. This will keep every holder up to date with the market and save an enormous amount of time. By reading the ten minute read, you will get a full market analysis of new and upcoming projects, volumes and trending niches. The data will be scraped and analyzed by us to make sure we give our holders the most accurate information. A whitelist spot will be received by being a holder of the Whitelist Pass

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